Heavy Rail, Los Angeles



"As one of our prime contractors, Breda Costruzioni demonstrated their ability to successfully manage a complex contract with numerous sub-contractor activities involved. Breda was responsive to MTA's needs and their efforts to maintain a high-level of quality assurance and systems support was outstanding. In addition, they supported MTA in its efforts to open its inaugural Red Line subway system eight months ahead of schedule. Lastly, Breda successfully completed the base-buy procurement of 30 passenger vehicles that were in compliance with all design and performance specifications. These vehicles have been in satisfactory revenue service since January 1993."

Charles W. Stark
Executive Officer, Construction

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Technical Drawing



Gauge 1435 mm(4 ft 8 1/2 in)
Length 22675 mm (75 ft)
Width 3048 mm (10ft)
Height from top of rail 3675.5 mm (12 ft)
Floor height from top of rail 1136 mm (3ft 8 ¾ in)
Truck wheelbase 2300mm (7 ft 6 ½ in)
Wheel diameter 876.3 mm (2 ft 10 ½ in)
Empty weight 36290 kg (80,000 lbs)
Seats 61 x 2
Total passenger capacity 180 x 2
Nominal supply voltage 750 Vdc
Propulsion motors 2 per truck
Continuous rating 2 x 637 kW
Time to reach 50 mph (80 km/h) 25 sec.
Maximum speed 112 km/h (70 mph)
Acceleration from start 1.34 m/s2 (3 mphps)
Operating deceleration 1 m/s2 (2.2 mphps)
Emergency deceleration 1.35 m/s2 (3 mphps)

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